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Toyger Kittens and Retiring Adults. Eye of the Toyger - Canada's Breeder of the Rare and Unique Toyger now has Toyger Kittens Available ... To our valued American customers, we will ship your Toyger Kitten or your Retired Toyger Adult to you, safely and quickly out of Buffalo N.Y.

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Our goal, here at Eye of the Toyger, is to raise healthy, happy Toygers with excellent temperaments and personalities/ We seek the best possible homes, with love and compassion, for our little ones so they can thrive and grow in to the wonderful Toygers that we all know and love.





Eye of the Toyger

Eye of the Toyger is situated close to Niagara Falls Ontario CANADA across the river from Buffalo NY USA and ship your Toyger out of Toronto or Buffalo Airports


It is a great honor to be part of the team of Toyger Breeders as we work together to further the development of Judy Sudan's vision of a domestic cat that resembles a cross between a toy stuffed Tiger and the real thing, the exotic Tiger. Many thanks to Judy and the early pioneers of the Toyger Breed as if not for their hard work and dedication and expense this breed would not exist. I am thrilled to see how far the Toyger Breed has developed over the years. As a Designer Breed the Toyger is truly a piece of Living Art.

Eye of the Toyger

I would like to take a this time to let you know a little about myself and how I raise my little Toyger kittens to be such loving kittens and cats with excellent temperaments and personalities. My name is Lynda Davis and I am a retired person who absolutely loves animals. I have been breeding Toygers since 2006. My life revolves around my family and my Toygers. My kittens are raised in my home and underfoot 24/7 with only a few litters a year.

All of my Toygers are Registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) which means that they are Purebred Registered Toygers.

I have buyers that have come back for their second and third Toyger and my favourite compliment, that I get from my buyers, is that my Toygers are "very human like." I love this description as I know that it is due to the fact that, because I am retired, it allows me all the time in the world to love and teach my little kittens to be the best little Toyger kittens around. I treat all of them, adults and kittens, as children and it shows. My cats and kittens are not confined to other parts of my home where I can not interact with them or in a cattery in another building. The mommies start sleeping with me about two weeks before giving birth.

Eye of the Toyger

During this time the babies become very active in the womb and I start to play with them. It is almost like I know the kittens and they know me as soon as they are born. The birthing takes place right on my bed with myself and my dog Mae Sue in attendance throughout the whole delivery until the very last kitten has arrived. This can take from anywhere from 3 hours to 24 hours, if not more. My cats and kittens love my dog, Mae Sue and it is truly a site to see when the mommies invite my dog to come in and visit with her and her new kittens. For the first three weeks Mommy and kittens stay on my bed, in a soft sided kennel, so I can keep a close watch on them and keep them out of harms way. At this time they start to move around and go on little adventures and start to look over the side of the bed and are curious to find out what is going on down there below the bed. It is then time to move them to their next stage of growing up. This is the age when the moms usually tries to move them to a different location.

From the bedroom my kittens and mommy go to my bathroom off the kitchen. They are in the bathroom for their own protection and until they are completely potty trained which can take about two weeks. During this time I take the kittens out to the living room and play with them and the mommy several times a day in order to introduce them to a larger area and another litter box. I play with them much more than I should, but I can not help myself; hence housework suffers but who cares as the housework will still be there when I have the time to do it. It certainly won't go any where. lol. When I am sure that the little ones are fully 100% potty trained they are free to terrorize me and my whole lower floor of my house where all the action happens. This gets the kittens use to all the other pet children and all kinds of noise and situations which in turn gets them ready to move to their new homes and surroundings making the transition less stressful. As you can see, I pay great attention to litter training my kittens . Before the kittens go to their new homes I always send the buyers a guide, on how to help the kitten to transition to their new home and surroundings. Not following these suggestions may lead to the kitten not adjusting properly and this is not fair, most of all, to my kittens, or to me and all the love, care and attention that I have put into raising these wonderful little ones. My mommies stay with her kittens the whole three months that they are here before leaving for their forever homes.

Eye of the Toyger

I love to watch the interaction between her and her babies during this period as you can she and hear her teaching and talking to her babies the whole time they are with her. I can not think of a nicer way to be woken up in the morning than hearing a mommy cat talking to her kittens. It is so lovable and very fascinating. I do not take the mommy away as soon as the kittens are weaned in order to get her pregnant again. From the time of conceiving until the time the kittens leave it is about six months. I believe to know how your new kitten is raised will assure you that you are adopting a fantastic little kitten that has been loved, appreciated and played with from the time birth to the day that they leave for their new Forever Home. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that you enjoyed your time here.


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